On9 business =)

hoo..i just realize lately ni..i post a lot of sad entry....erk..sorry..btw..just want to share with u guys..ive already have my online business..yay!!! =) happy sangat..why?because this is one of my dream to have my own business..

actually..its not mine alone..ive a business partner..well..afraid cant manage the business alone..so..its good to have a friend..and thanks to her for being really supportive..lalala..hope..our business can get through and maybe one day we can open our own boutique with our own label?yaa..maybe..even itu hanyela angan2..but why not..mnela tau impian akan menjadi kenyataan..alalla..n for those who intrested in online shopping..its good to ricky2 at our site..the price also sgt reasonable ok..=)and for those our friend out there..yg dh beli from us..thank you for the support..luv u guys so much..=)

this is our link..

p/s-we still new..but coming soon...insyaallah..there will be alot more to come.=)visit us always k...=)