hehe.arini tiba2 rajin nak masak..setelah sekian lama xmemasak..kenapa?hahha..sbb umo sy dh 23 thn yo..almost..dan sy xbrp nk pndai msk..knp?haa..ckp knp..cbe bayangkan..tiba2..ade org dtg msuk meminang..dahla ibu sy tu dh bgtau awal2..kalau anak ibu xpndai msk..xpndai kemas..bile ade org msk meminang..ibu trus terang je...abesla sy mcmtu..trus kene reject..xmo2..jadi..wlwpn..xpndaila sgt memasak smue..skurang2 nye..tahu skit2 pn jadila yerr..adoi..sian la spe yg jd suami sy nnti..ampun nye..xpe2..msh bley balaja lagi kn..so..disebabkn alasan2 diatas ditambah sy mmg suka jgkutk memasak..tp. pnh dipatahkn smgt dlu..sy kembali mnjadi bersemangat..pasni..stiap minggu nk try msk bende2 baru..pastu improve yg mne dh pnh msk..doink!hopefully kali ni bkn hangat2 tahi ayam jela kn =p hikhik..

jadi..arini sy try msk spagheti goreng..komen dr ibu dan adek2..tawar..kurang rasa..haha..mne taknyee..luaran nye nmpk mcm dh pdas sgt je..bile rse mule2 pdas..dh mkn btul2..xdela pdas sgt pn..tp..kalau tmbahkn rasa tu..mesti sdap..pastu tmbah skit bahan..lagi bertambah2 sdap..haha..ok..ni sy perasan..doink..jum2..tgk hasilnyeee.. =)

haaa..ni dia..nmpk pedas kn?? =p i lykee...


How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster

arghh..xmo potong rambut...sayang gilee..tapi..si ibu dah sibok bising2 rambut asik gugur..hai korang2 yg berambut panjang..korang2 ade x mengalami mslh nie..huu..xnk la potong rmbut..syg sgt..sy nk simpan...tapi dalam2 tu..mey2 sy nk kongsi skit ngan kamu2 smue..tips..'how to make your hair grow faster'..which sy baru je mintak pertolongan en google..=)


Keep your hair in excellent condition. Seeing a hairdresser regularly to have your hair cut and styled will keep it in top condition. Hair in good condition gives the impression it's longer even if it's not because it looks good and has no split ends, etc.

  • Use a quality brush to keep your hair brushed, such as a boar brush. Tilt your head forward and brush with your head upside down to bring the oils to the ends of your hair and stimulate the scalp.
  • Keep your hair well moisturized. You don't need to use commercial product but you do need to know what can condition your hair properly if you resort to natural items.
  • Don't wash your hair every day; allow the hair oils to condition your hair rather than constantly washing the oils out.
  • Massage your hair while washing it.


Be kind to your hair. Your hair falls out of its own accord (approximately 70 to 150 hairs daily), but you may be pulling it out faster as a result of the things you do to it. The gentler you are with your hair, the less chances it has to fall out excessively. Some things to keep in mind include:
  • Don't put your hair into tight ponytails or cornrows. Use butterfly clips and loose braids instead.
  • Brush your hair carefully. If you have wavy or curly hair, there are probably times when you encounter resistance as you're brushing. Right before brushing, use your fingers to gently comb through your hair. And when you brush, start at the ends, and hold the strand you're brushing with your other hand so that if you pull on the hair with a brush, you're not pulling on the root (pull from the grip of your hand instead).
  • Brush your hair before you shower in the morning. Throughout the night your hair can knot up a lot. Brushing your hair before you shower reduces tangling when washing it in the shower. When using conditioner, try sifting your fingers through your hair. This reduces extensive combing after your shower and helps to distribute the conditioner evenly.
  • Minimize tangles in other situations, such as on windy days, by containing your hair with buns, braids, hats, etc.
  • Minimize how much you style your hair. Any kind of styling that involves pulling your hair at the root (blow drying straight, straight iron, curling iron, rollers) will contribute to hair loss.Heat styling also can encourage hair to break. If you really need to dry your hair fast, use a blow dryer for 5 minutes only.
  • Avoid or minimize harsh treatments like dyes, tints, bleaches, straighteners, and permanent waves. These weaken your hair and increase the likelihood of breakage and loss.
  • Minimize or stop using heating items on your hair.


Maintain good food nutrition or boost it by taking a daily multivitamin. Your body needs several building blocks in order to produce a healthy head of hair, and you can easily meet your body's requirement by eating a balanced, nutritious diet, of by taking a multivitamin consistently if you are not eating well due to illness, etc. Keep in mind, however, that it can take several months to notice the results, so don't get discouraged.
  • Research suggests that iron deficiency makes hair loss worse. Women with heavy periods are at a higher risk of iron deficiency. However, unless you have an iron deficiency diagnosed by a doctor, you shouldn't take iron supplements. They can upset your stomach and cause severe constipation, and iron overload can be dangerous. Taking a multivitamin and eating iron-rich foods (tofu, lentils, beans, oysters, spinach, prunes, raisins, lean beef) is more than enough.
  • If you're a vegetarian, eat foods rich in Vitamin C whenever you eat iron-rich veggies. Vitamin C will help your body absorb the kind of iron that is found in vegetables.
  • Avoid purchasing unnecessary supplements such as biotin. Despite the many claims that biotin promotes hair growth, no studies have shown this to be the case.However, hair lossis a sign of severe biotin deficiency; in these cases, the hair loss will be accompanied by a scaly rash around the nose, mouth and genitals. Few people suffer this condition.


Avoid dramatic weight loss. As you shed pounds, you also shed hair. The dramatic changes that your body undergoes when it loses weight quickly (the change in nutrients, the stress involved) can cause your hair to thin. Diets low in protein and iron (for example, very low-fat diets) and also those high in protein but low in fruits and vegetables (for example, Atkins) that result in dramatic weight loss can also trigger significant hair loss. Instead, keep a balanced diet, and focus on gradual calorie reduction (one or two pounds a week).

  • Each hair on your head grows for 2-5 years, slows down for about six weeks, and rests for 3-5 months before falling out so a new hair can grow in its place. Normally, 15 percent of your hair is at the resting phase, but a sudden change in nutrition can cause some hair follicles in the growing phase to switch into the resting phase prematurely, possibly raising the percentage to more than 30 percent.


Relax. Stress is a common cause of reversible hair loss.When you experience physical or emotional turmoil, it can take anywhere from three weeks to four months for the results to show up in your hair.It is important to relieve your stress. <---THIS IS SO ME! =(


Address any pressing health issues. Hair is a strong indicator of overall health. Many nutritional deficiencies can cause hair growth to slow, and can cause hair to thin. Hormonal problems such as hypothyroidism and PCOS can also cause thinning. If your hair has gotten seriously thinner, or stops growing for more than a few months, discuss it with your doctor as soon as possible.

p/s-saya tahu sy xbantu banyak mana pun..tp..xpela..utk pengetahuan bersama kan..papepun..jaga kesihatan korang2 semua ok..kesihatan tu penting..sekali dah sakit ssh nk ubat..better elakkn awal2 kn..=) take care..



Saya rindu sgt dgn 2 org wanita dibawah ni =(

Bile nk bergossip dan berhangout lagi nie kamu3..rinduuUU...

p/s-thank you for all da great moment..the info both of u share..n thank you for alwiz being there with me..even thou sy pndatang baru..kamu berdua ttp lyn sy dgn baek..hopefully sy xde buat slh ngan kamu2 ye..jika ada..sy mintak maap sgt3..papepn..sy xkan lupekn kamu berdua eventhou kte knal xlme mne.

THANK YOU...I <3 u =")


Luahan hati~

Dah lama xluahkan perasaan kt blog ni kan..sian blog..sorila blog..sy begitu bz..ngan kehidupan yg ntah pape ni..semakin byk idup..semakin byk menelan kepahitan..semakin byk hati terguris...tapi walau apa2 pun yang terjadi..aku bersyukur..kerana semua yg berlaku byk mematangkan aku..cmenye..melaluinya..bukanla sesenang yg disangka..aku punya prinsip..dan aku pasti..anda2 yg membaca blog aku ini jgk ada prinsip masing2..

tapi..apa yg aku pelik..bila org cakap tentang karma..apa yang korang semua tahu pasal karma ni sbnrnye??..hmm..basically..aku xtau sgtla meaning die..tapi apa yg aku tahu..bile kte buat baek..akan dibalas baek..tp bila kte buat jahat..akan dibalas jahat..tpkn..sepanjang aku idup ni..aku cubela utk xbuat jahat..tp..bad thing still happen to me..dan kdg2 aku seringkali kecewe dgn idup sendiri..huu..aku bukan xsyg dan xske kehidupan aku skrg ni..tp..aku dh terlalu byk melalui stage2 yg xmengembirakan.. kdg kala aku tkt dan xyakin..apekah aku akan dpt merasai kehidupan yg bahagia dan tenang..setenang2nya??hmm..xseperti zmn kanak2 dan remaja aku ini..yeee..aku mengaku..aku cukup lemah..luaran kelihatan tenang.tp..bak kata org..dlm hati sapa yg tahu kn..diri sendiri je yang tahu..

Apa2 pn..kehidupan aku..adalah kehidupan aku sendiri..aku yg mencorakknnye..wlwpn..aku pnh jatuh..nek...dan jatuh balik..aku akur dgn setiap dugaan dariNYA..kerana..walau aku cbe lari dan lari sejauh mana pn...utk xberjmpa kesedihan ni..tp..in the end..kesedihan jgk yg mncari aku..what can i say..face it!or leave it!

aku mungkin akan buat kesalahan dlm stiap keputusan..tp..aku akan memberanikan diri utk belajar dr kesilapan..


saya sayang dia :)

saya sayang budak nie..walaupun kami xtau jodoh kami smpai bila..tp..sy berharap dan berdoa..jodoh kami sgt panjang..kalau bley biarla selama2 nya....aminn~


Life must go on~

short and simple..now i noe..where my place at your heart..thank you~