Best new year ever..

hehehe..huu..too be frankly..at first i thought..new year..mesti xsebest thn2 lepas..tp..sy silap..it was a very2 superb new year celebration..thanx to everyone that involved..n sgt best dpt jmpe kwn yg dh 6 thn xjmpe..n finally..i manage to buy my own mp3.wippi...u shud c..it looks like river stone..but yet still cute..=)

on the 2nd day of new year..there was a very special day for me..go to one utama..eat at chillis(erk..do i spelt it right??lol..)..go for batting..i mean..we play softball..at upper roop..play pre game..try to testing all the dress and clothes that look nice..and finally manage to buy somthing cool..red t-shirt! and i like it..=)

lallala..thanx to everyone krn menceriakn hari2 sy..sy syg smue =)