already miss u gary leon robert..rest in peace..=(

gary..gary..n gary..at 1st i heard about ur death..i said..argh..its not true..n i ley siap2 gelak lg..until 1 tym evry1 serious..n nk xnk..i need to accept that u r not with us anymore...gary..knowing u for almost 5 years..is the best things n memory..from the usha thingy..having ur own secret admire club..n bla3..it just that we admire u d way u r..d way u treat us..d way u speak..d way u study..d way u talk and d way u play football..n evrything about u...

gary..it just lyk yesterday i talk with u..last day we speak..we having joke is on friday..its only for 2 days...then u so sudden..tinggalkn kami..pity adleen..but wut eva it is..gary..ull alwis in our heart,.d memories we had together..i will remember till i die....please3..rest in peace my dear fren.....=(

ouh..i wish..tomorrow i wake up..n what happen today..d story..is just only a dream..sad=(..ouh..jahatnye mereke yg buat u sakit tu..sob3..


- Gie - said...

i miss him too..

semggu amik ms nk accept gary xde :(