finally..1 weeks more to go..

next week..las week for my intern..cant wait to finish it..even im going to miss my company,celcom...but finally..12 weeks..a lot of thing i learn there.meet new people.being around matured people and think like them.ouh3...but still.. im sad because my lect dont want to come to visit me..but atleast i hope she manage to do the interview via phone..like she said in the email.huh!but the almost sad thing is..im retired on being a fasi..i want to..but as the shedule is to pack for me..it make me think again and again..want to or not to..and finally..i make a decision..not to..so sad.. hope the new fasi manage to do their best in this coming orientation.GUD LUCK guys..

hmm..thinking of next sem..i dunno whats going to happen.in the 1st week im sure ill be bz on managing my time table as i need to drop alot of subject and add new subject..y??hmm..gud ques..i dunno..need to think again..as reshedule it so important and will effect my future..chewaahhh..hehehe..and of coz..my apartment thingy.i dunno where im going to stay..as i have booked the murni but i dun want to live there..try to make a letter to resident and hope i can get 1 place in ilmu..wanna change mood i think..busan sudah duduk alone..im feel so lonely..=(

pssst..today i got 1 experience..a reaaaaally scary one..have u ever ride a roller coaster in a highway??well..ive experience it today..and u noe what..at 1 time i cant even breath..u can imagine how im afraid rite..ahhaha..funny to think back..and sad to imagine whats going to happen...erk...well forget it..lets thinks of something happy..something beautiful..so that ur life will always happy even u r not happy..rite..=)

people...luv urself 1st before u want people to luv u..ill start to think that way so that ill be happy all the tym..=)

p/s-today.. i tried to wrote in english..i noe my english is sucks but atleast i wanna try..rite..im in a learning process..=) happy learning..chaiyok~